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Vastushastra is a 5000 years old science which is mentioned in Atharva ved. It is a science which synchronises balance the between Human life and Nature, five elements, eight directions the electromagnetic field and gravitational force of the earth.

In Ancient times it is only meant for kings and queens

Many examples are given in our history from which it reflects that vastushastra has been followed in the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata also

People of new era started following western culture and stopped following principles of vastu Shasta thinking that it is a complex and orthodox thing. But d Good news is that the time has come when globally vastushastra is getting its identity back


Reiki is a Natural healing technique administered through a touch of the hands or through a method of distance healing. Dr Mikao usi is the founder of the system of Reiki in the modern age. He discovered 'Reiki' particularly from the ancient texts of India and refrence of Reiki is found in Atharvaveda as under:

Our both hands have the capacity to bestow happiness, peace,prosperity and health.

Angel Therapy

Angels are divine messengers. Since they emanate from the divine source,it is through the Angel's that we have a special link with God.He created these wondrous beings to guide, protect and inspire us. Their purpose is to serve us and to encourage us to grow and expand our consciousness.
Angel's are all around us,watching over us, and we can call upon them at anytime.


All of us at some point of time in life,meet with the situations,which necessitate taking crucial decisions. We are puzzled whether to do or not to do,to be or not to be, and unable to come to a conclusion.
Under such circumstances the art of 'Dowsing' is very helpful to us.we can arrive at accurate decisions for our problems. The technique of dowsing is very ancient.

Marm Chikitsa

Marm chikitsa is completely natural with no medication required. Marma chikitsa is considered the base of Angirasi treatment. The communicating link between the central nervous system, glands etc is successfully invigorated by means of suitable activation of marmas to ensure their optimum efficiency. Besides providing preventive , prophylactic and curative measures, Marma chikitsa fulfills the objective of providing Vivacity and exuberance of life force.
VastuNidhi provides the required treatment to cure the ailment, and its completely human service with zero cost to the patient.


Meruprushta Shreeyantra

Kuber Idol

Harmony Yantra

Amethyst Cluster

Finance Pendant

Tiger Eye Bracelet

Divine Energy Card

Pink Rose Bracelet